ABC President statement on PLA Neutrality Bill

MADISON, WI -- Statement from John Mielke, president of Associated Builders & Contractors, Wisconsin Chapter: 

“On behalf of our 850-member firms, I would like to thank the Wisconsin Assembly for concurring on Senate Bill 3, the pro-worker, Project Labor Agreement Neutrality bill. Our association stands with any measure that encourages open competition for contractors and workers. It’s important to point out that the measure does not preclude the state or local governments from using project labor agreements to meet the highest of construction standards. It simply prohibits governmental officials from mandating workers on publicly-funded projects be represented by organized labor. The free-enterprise measure prohibits discrimination against 8 in 10 skilled tradesmen and tradeswomen who choose not to belong to unions. This includes veterans and minorities who will be able to apply their skills on public works projects funded with their own tax dollars.”

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