MADISON, WI -- ABC of Wisconsin clears up any misconception about Senate Bill 411 and Assembly Bill 508 with the following statement from President John Mielke:

"ABC of Wisconsin would like to clear up an inaccuracy regarding Senate Bill 411 and Assembly Bill 508, that the legislation would eliminate the requirement for a five-year plumbing apprenticeship term.

This legislation is not an effort to reduce the length of the Plumbing Apprenticeship. ABC of Wisconsin supports a five-year program for Plumbing Apprenticeship. This legislation puts the length of Plumbing Apprenticeship in the hands of the State Plumbing Apprenticeship Advisory Committee and State Bureau of Apprenticeship Standards, similar to virtually all other apprenticeship programs, such as HVAC and electrical.

Current language in Statutes precludes the plumbing industry representatives on the State Plumbing Apprenticeship Advisory Committee from setting the standard of the term length. Sponsors, such as ABC, do not set the length of apprenticeship in any trade. Instead, the State trade committees set uniform guidelines, including length, for most apprenticeship programs, but not plumbing. This bill would provide consistencies which allow the Bureau of Apprenticeship Standards to set the lengths of all construction apprenticeships."