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What is Apprenticeship?

The use of apprenticeship training process has been around since the middle ages, and is still used today as an educational path to pass down experience from one person to another. Today, apprenticeships are a widely used industry learning tool using a formal training program that combines on the job training with classroom instruction. It combines the practical and theoretical aspects of highly skilled occupations.

Depending on the trade, apprenticeship programs are 3-5 year post-secondary educational training programs where apprentices receive a wide variety of training throughout all aspects of the trade. During the apprenticeship, apprentices are registered and contracted through the State of Wisconsin, Bureau of Apprenticeship Standards.

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On the Job Work Experience
The majority of the training is done on the job. Employers are responsible to train apprentices in all aspects of the trade with relevant work experience, so when graduating from the program, the apprentice achieves journey level status in the trade. Apprentices are supervised at all times throughout the apprenticeship to ensure safe and proper training.
The theoretical training is broken down into both paid and unpaid training. Paid related instruction classes are the classes that apprentices are paid to attend and consist of the majority of the education.

Unpaid related instruction are classes that the employer is not mandated to pay the apprentice to attend. All apprentices are required to take First Aid, CPR, and 10-hour OSHA Safety Training classes. Other unpaid requirements change depending on the specific trade but are complementary training to the paid related instruction.
Earn While You Learn
Apprentices are paid a progressive scale throughout their apprenticeship both on the job and while attending class. The State of Wisconsin sets the wages based on a survey of those already skilled in the trade. Many employers pay above the state-mandated minimum based on the student’s apprentice’s performance, safety, and quality. ABC of Wisconsin encourages employers to pay based on the apprentice’s merit on the job.

Though tuition is the responsibility of the apprentice, the wages earned by attending Paid Related Instruction typically covers the cost of the class. In addition, some employers and apprentices have agreements for tuition reimbursement.

Upon completion of the requirements, the apprentice will graduate from the apprenticeship program and receive a certificate of completion from the State of Wisconsin and, if their trade is licensed, receive their journey level license. Unlike those completing a traditional college path, completed apprentices already have careers with employers they have worked with for a number of years and do not need to look for a job.

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