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2007 - The Cornerstone Home Renovation

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ABC of Wisconsin has always had a close relationship with Rawhide Boys Ranch. This relationship has allowed ABC members to have the privilege of meeting and listening to Green Bay Quarterback Bart Starr over the years and to be a proud sponsor of the ABC Home, paid for and built by ABC in 1999. As part of ABC’s effort to be a good community member, ABC took on the task of getting this job done. ABC of Wisconsin and Rawhide Boys Ranch appreciates your willingness to help in any way you can.

1999 - ABC builds dormitory-type home for Rawhide Boys Ranch

ABC of Wisconsin put the finishing touches on a year long project back in 1999; construction of a nearly 11,000 square foot home for the Rawhide Boys Ranch. The Rawhide Boys Ranch is located in New London, WI. Rawhide was co-founded by Bart Starr and John Gillespie as a rehabilitation facility for juvenile delinquent boys.

In an incredible undertaking by a group of volunteers, the home was been built over one year with the involvement of hundreds of members of ABC of Wisconsin. This includes general, concrete, electrical, roofing, plumbing, painting, sitework, and all kinds of other contractors. Materials and labor were graciously donated by members, along with cash to help finish the project. 
Rawhide instills self esteem, pride, work ethic, education, and Christian values in the boys so they can return to our communities with a new outlook on life. The success rate at Rawhide is about 80 percent.

The home is valued at nearly $1 million. It houses 10 boys, two house parents and counselor office. 

ABC selected the project as a community service effort that would benefit the entire state. Boys who come to Rawhide are from all different parts of Wisconsin. 

The ribbon-cutting ceremony, featuring Rawhide co-founders Bart & Cherry Starr and John & Jan Gillespie, was held September 25, 1999. 

Bart and Cherry Starr, co-founders of Rawhide, expressed their thanks to ABC members after the home was completed. 

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