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ABC of Wisconsin has a block of rooms available at the Wilderness Resort. Reserve your room by Jan. 13, 2019 by calling 1-800-867-WILD. Use code "736434" for room block.

Rates – Feb. 12-14, 2019
$99.99* for double queen
$129.99* for two-bedroom deluxe

Rates – Feb. 15, 2019
$134.99* for double queen
$169.99* for two-bedroom deluxe

*Plus $17.95 resort fee and tax.

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Field Execution for Crew & Project Leaders
How you get your jobs done in the field can set you apart from your competitors, make you a more desirable hire to your clients, improve job quality – and improve your profitability. This new workshop is all about preparing, planning, and executing your work in the field the right way, the first time – and it doesn’t matter whether the job lasts three hours, days, or weeks!  Brad has worked with thousands of construction leaders for more than 35 years, from the crew foremen and lead man to the superintendent and project manager. From each he has witnessed good, poor – and excellent – field execution, and he’ll pass along those insights in this how-to “field execution” session. You’ll learn: How to develop your field vision for every project; How to “cast” your project vision for your crews; Planning: The “Pre-Mid-Post” Efforts; How and why to use project “look-aheads;” How to conduct crew & project team “huddles” – and why they’re valuable; Pre-construction planning: The who, what, when, where & why; How to build coordination between crews, clients & vendors; and five techniques to put 3%-5% back on to your gross profit!  Come and let Brad share with you the winning techniques and proven leadership needed to execute better quality in decision-making, crew coordination, and performance. 
– Brad Humphrey, Pinnacle Development Group

How to Make “Quality” Your Employees’ #1 Obsession
Contractors regularly promise customers “quality work,” then their crews go right out and disprove that commitment. Making quality your employee’s “#1 Obsession” will guarantee better performance, greater profits, more work from current customers – and greater respect for your company! This visionary session will show you what “quality” is and how “quality” impacts your business from top to bottom. You’ll learn: What “quality” really means to you, your customers and your employees; What your company’s “cost of quality” really is; How to make your company more “quality based,” including steps on enlisting your employees to “buy in” to producing quality for you; How “quality” really does help you make more money! This is for owners, field leaders and crew leaders. 
– Brad Humphrey, Pinnacle Development Group

How to Measure Your Performance & Productivity
Measuring your success by revenue alone is not always the best way to really capture how well you are doing as a company. Yet, many contractors continue to think that “If I can just do ‘this much’ in sales I’ll be fine.” Such thinking can leave a contractor out of touch and more importantly, out of business. In this new seminar you’ll learn: About a variety of performance “metrics” that can provide you with the total view -- the “balanced” overview -- of how your business is really doing; The “Balanced Scorecard” for your business, “performance realized” vs. “performance projected”; How to measure your quality of performance, how (and why) to measure your customer relationships, and how to measure your “internal resources.” A session for owners and company leaders interested in getting a better overview of how their company is really performing. 
– Brad Humphrey, Pinnacle Development Group

5 Secrets of Effective Teamwork
When it comes to getting the best out of your crews why mess around experimenting? Let this workshop “cut to the chase” and provide you with the five “jewels” of great construction crew teamwork. You’ll learn: The difference between “good” and “great” construction crews and what the “great” ones look like; The 5 secrets of effective teamwork – Familiarity, Laser Focus, C&C, “ESP” Communication, “Foxhole” Conversions – and how to incorporate them into your operation; Plus take home tips on developing crew metrics for a team scorecard. Come learn what it takes to create that “championship” crew and move them to a “dynasty” for years of profitable performance. This is for any construction leader – especially crew leaders and project leaders -- who benefits from having their workers work in a team fashion. 
– Brad Humphrey, Pinnacle Development Group

A Foreman’s Approach to Working with New Employees
We are definitely facing some employee challenges with our new incoming workforce.  In this workshop want to explore the many ways in which field leaders need to accommodate new workers, and how to gain their trust and interest.  We will look at how the leader makes a fast, but accurate, assessment of their new worker to ensure that their continued work is warranted. We will learn what the foreman should do with a new employee on the: First Day; First Week; First Month; First Quarter; First Year. You will leave with a copy of Brad’s “Foreman’s Call Sheet” that provides a checklist for foremen to use to execute with new workers.  This session is all about building new employee retention.
– Brad Humphrey, Pinnacle Development Group

What Exceptional Leaders Do Every Day
Do you ever wonder if you’re spending your time on the right activities? Do you ever wonder what other business leaders spend their time on? Do you think you may have developed a few bad habits that rob your organization of the best possible leadership? This presentation will highlight what exceptional leaders do every day and why these ‘best practices’ make them exceptional.    
– Randy Goruk, Leaders Edge 360

Developing Coaching Skills for Empowering and Engaging the Team 
Coaching doesn’t come natural or easy for many jobsite leaders. It’s all about communicating effectively. This session will sharpen the coaching skills of the attendees by providing easy to understand concepts and implementable techniques for setting expectations then coaching a crew member on any jobsite situation that surfaces.
– Randy Goruk, Leaders Edge 360

Developing Critical Thinking Skills for Construction Leaders
In construction, we make a number of decisions throughout the course of a day. The results of our decisions can be extremely costly. Sometimes we respond quickly by relying on our experience and other times we are forced to make decisions when we’re not ready. This session will help develop the critical thinking skills that when fully developed, will result in making the correct short and long term decisions.
– Randy Goruk, Leaders Edge 360
Mastering Diverse Relationships in the Construction Industry
It’s a culturally complex world, in this session, construction leaders will learn how to connect, create and collaborate with people of diverse ethnicities and backgrounds. They will also learn how to recalibrate cultural conversations for greater results and finally, how to accurately measure the cultural health of their team. 
– Randy Goruk, Leaders Edge 360

Leadership Tips for Explosive Growth 
In this highly interactive, fast paced session, be prepared to capture implementable tips that will propel your leadership and your organization to a whole new level of performance and productivity.
– Randy Goruk, Leaders Edge 360 

Leadership & Self Development Track
Mastering Your Mind: Harness Your Runaway Brain
Slowing down is not a luxury, it is a necessity. A frenetic brain simply doesn’t perform at optimal levels. By maintaining a snail’s pace, you actually achieve better results because you’re firing on all cylinders. You’ll think of new things, approach old problems from new perspectives, and breathe a breath of fresh air into everything you do. This program shows you how to achieve this state of steady, sustainable fire, and how to get further by crawling than you ever did while attempting to fly.
– Robb Zbierski

Art of the Ally: Helping Your Customers Find the YES!
Too many sales professionals rely on the old adage of “Eat what you kill” which often leads to caveman thinking in our modern day society.  There is a better, more effective way to do it.  Drawing from the lessons in Joseph Campbell’s “The Power of Myth,” attendees will learn of the Hero’s Journey and how to apply this knowledge to getting clients to find a “yes” to virtually anything you propose.
– Robb Zbierski

Hi! I Can’t Remember Your Name Either: 5 Simple Tools to Remember Names
If you’ve ever met someone for the first time and five seconds later you have forgotten their name, this is the session for you!  We’ll discuss the importance that remembering names has on building better relationships, and attendees will learn to apply five simple, proven steps for remembering names both short term and long-term.
– Robb Zbierski

Stop Bumping Into A-Holes: Adjusting Your Attitude for Optimum Results
Don’t worry, this isn’t the parent talk that sounded like, “ need a bit of an attitude adjustment, pronto!”  In this program, attendees learn about the role their attitude plays in getting better results... in every aspect of their lives, from relationships to business to health & fitness.  Anything can be accomplished with the right attitude and mindset.  
– Robb Zbierski

Reading Smart: 5 Tips and Truths to Double Your Reading Speed
The simple truth is that most of you reading this description are doing so at a 3rd grade level.  The Reading Smart session teaches you how to convert yourself from a passive, disengaged reader to an active, voracious consumer of information.  Imagine having the ability to cut your reading time in half while increasing comprehension and retention.  Show up and make it happen!
– Robb Zbierski

Responding to a Full-Employment Environment
It’s no secret that finding and keeping good employees in construction is tough these days, from skilled trades to engineers and project managers, even executives.   For many employers, it is now impacting their ability to grow.  With demographics working against us, and ‘poaching’ at an all-time high, now is the time to seriously review your strategies to engage and retain the talent you already have.  In this session, we will discuss some innovative retention strategies (career pathing, non-cash benefits, paid time off/scheduling strategies, succession, etc.) to ‘close the back door’ and help keep the good people you want.  The organizations that embrace this challenge as an opportunity instead of a problem will benefit from the insight and the effort. 
– Deb Marshall, Wipfli LLP

How Will the Economy Affect You in 2019?
This is a discussion on how to staff your projects and future work. The economic condition of the state construction industry for 2019 and the future will likely create additional demand for workers. Come to this session to learn how your occupations are in demand for 2019 and how your work load may increase in 2019.
– Dennis Winters, Wisconsin Department of

Workforce Development
Conflict Resolution – Critical Conversations

What are the conversations you are not holding, or not holding well, that are preventing your company from getting the results you want?  Many of the productivity problems plaguing companies are rooted in the same cause: perplexed employees who are uncertain how to address and resolve touchy, controversial, and complex issues. This results in poorly handled communications, missed expectations, lack of accountability, and bad behavior.  In this session, we will use the power of Crucial Conversations® and Crucial Accountability™ to show how you can develop the skills and confidence of individuals to hold those important and difficult conversations in a constructive manner.  
– Deb Marshall, Wipfli LLP

Panel: Recruiting & Retaining Talent
A panel of ABC members will offer real-world, practical tips and tricks for recruiting and retaining high-quality construction employees during a discussion facilitated by Elizabeth Roddy, ABC of Wisconsin’s recruitment and training director.
– Elizabeth Roddy, ABC of Wisconsin; panelists to be determined

The Exit Planning Journey
Every Business Owner will exit their business…How they exit depends on their goals and their planning.  Approximately 90% of all business owners in Wisconsin do not know what their options are to exit their business or what the process is to exit in a way that meets their goals.  Clarity Management will cover the exit options including how the buyer, whether family member or third party, can finance the exit; how exits are structured and how to minimize the tax effect of your exit.  Owners and their spouses are encouraged to attend.
– David Buslee, Clarity Management, LLC

Marketing & Business Growth Sessions

Supervisory, Leadership & Safety Sessions

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