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ABC of Wisconsin has a block of rooms available at the Wilderness Resort. Reserve your room by Jan. 13, 2019 by calling 1-800-867-WILD. Use code "736434" for room block.

Rates – Feb. 12-14, 2019
$99.99* for double queen
$129.99* for two-bedroom deluxe

Rates – Feb. 15, 2019
$134.99* for double queen
$169.99* for two-bedroom deluxe

*Plus $17.95 resort fee and tax.

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Master Your Social Media in 20 Minutes a Day
It can be difficult trying to maintain an active social media presence to reach prospects on a daily basis. What if you could do it in 20 minutes a day? In this session, Josh Klemons will show how you can do that. He will cover optimizing your social media, having a plan, creating and curating content, the Facebook algorithm, engaging your audience and more.
– Josh Klemons, Reverbal Communications

Producing Great Content for Social Media: Telling Your Story Through Created and Curated Content
What is the difference between created and curated content and what is the importance of an elevator speech? What does this have to do with social media? Josh Klemons will explain as he shares with you the importance of content marketing as a digital strategy and how you find curated content to tell your story. He will also provide tips and tricks for running a better social media program and more.
– Josh Klemons, Reverbal Communications

2.0 Masterclass Workshop for Content Creation
As a follow-up to his earlier sessions, Josh Klemons will provide a 2.0 masterclass workshop for content creation. In it, he will cover crafting and perfecting an elevator speech, creating content, curating content, developing content ideas for blog posts and working up a content calendar. Bring your laptop for a better learning experience.
– Josh Klemons, Reverbal Communications

How to Get Seen in the New Phone Book: Google
If you’re not on page 1 of a Google search, there’s a strong chance you aren’t being seen, but your competitor is. Getting your firm to appear on the first page of an internet search requires SEO (search engine optimization).  What is SEO and what should you be doing in SEO?  Eagan Heath will explain SEO and provide tips for getting better organic search results.
– Eagan Heath, Get Found Madison

Facebook Advertising 101 – Targeting Ads and Boosted Posts
With over two-thirds of Americans on Facebook, along with every business you’ve ever imagined, getting your message out can sometimes feel like you’re just a drop in the bucket. We’ll be taking a deep-dive into Facebook advertising, including targeted Facebook Ads and boosting Facebook posts on your timeline. Learn how to better utilize this popular social channel and integrate it with your marketing plan to get the most out of both and reach your target audience better!
– Amy Schiavo, Affirm

Facebook Advertising 101 – Workshop
You’ve set-up a Facebook account for your business and started posting ... now what? After an overview on how to create Facebook Ads and boosted Facebook posts, we’ll be answering any questions you may have and showing you tips and tricks to better reach your target audience.  If you want to practice these tips firsthand, bring your laptop and login credentials.
– Amy Schiavo, Affirm
How to Develop an Inbound Marketing Strategy
Inbound is a better way to market, a better way to sell, and a better way to serve customers. Inbound is a method of attracting, engaging, and delighting people to grow your business by providing value and building trust. As technology shifts, inbound guides an approach to doing business in a human and helpful way, which is attractive for customers and good for your business over the long term.
– Jeff Coon, Stream Creative

Everything Old is New Again: Integrating Direct Mail for High Impact Communications
After years of relying on digital marketing as a low-cost alternative for marketing, organizations are finding that their messages are often being ignored, blocked or even deleted. Truly successful marketing campaigns have learned which communications work best using digital channels and which do best using paper. Learn how to harness the power of both digital marketing and direct mail so that your communications are more effective and increase response.
– Deilee Calvert & Julie Ehrke, The Badger Group

To Tweet or Not to Tweet: Managing Twitter for Your Business
If your website is the face of your business, think of Twitter as your voice! How do you want to be portrayed online? Twitter can help businesses communicate to current customers, potential customers and other businesses. Establish Twitter goals, find your customers and learn how to monitor and communicate through social media during this Twitter-focused session.
– Amy Schiavo, Affirm

How to build a sales culture in a non-selling organization
Most individuals working for construction firms do not see themselves in sales, nor do they think of their staffs as a “sales teams.” Sales should not be left to one or two people. A good business development approach is for everyone to be involved in sales, but how do you get there?  Matt Pletzer will use this session to share strategies for instilling a sales culture in a “non-selling” organization.
– Matt Pletzer, Lift Consulting, LLC

Using LinkedIn to generate more leads
Are you using LinkedIn to generate sales leads? Are you reaching decision makers of prospective clients? The social media platform LinkedIn can be an effective means for generating new clients. In this session, Matt Pletzer will examine some proactive steps you can take to use LinkedIn to get conversations started and develop warm leads that could become new clients.
– Matt Pletzer, Lift Consulting, LLC

Crisis Communications: A Crash Course
In an environment where video, photos, and news travels fast on electronic devices, what do you need to do to manage a crisis and keep control of the message? What steps can you take to prepare? How do you respond if something bad happens? Learn the basics on how to put together a crisis communications plan, what kind of response you’ll need if a crisis occurs, and what you can do in the digital world to monitor and manage your reputation not only during, but after the crisis has passed.
– Laura Monagle, APR, Affirm 

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