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Feb. 13-14, 2019
Glacier Canyon Lodge Conference Center
Wisconsin Dells

Supervisory Leadership Safety Matrix

Supervisory Management –
Play Like a Champion

(Full-day learning; seats are limited)
“Play Like a Champion” is a leadership development, sports-themed workshop that is intended to be highly interactive, educational and a fun experience. It will lead to sharpening the competitive spirit, while developing the leadership skills of the construction supervisors attending.

The “Play Like a Champion” attributes covered in the day long competitive workshop include:

Communication, Communication, Communication

Effective communication skills are required for many different reasons in the construction industry. Attendees will learn to apply different strategies and techniques for inspiring, empowering and engaging everyone on the team.

It’s a Team Game

Attendees will learn to apply different strategies and techniques for being a great teammate and working together to achieve a set of common goals.

C’mon Man

Attendees will learn from mistakes to eliminate mistakes. We’ll review examples of a variety of different mistakes that can/have happened and how to avoid them.

Attendees will learn how to prepare for the expected and the unexpected to achieve success. You can’t win if you don’t prepare to win.

Giving Extra Effort
Attendees will learn techniques for motivating self and crew to achieve results beyond expectations. The more you give, the better chance of winning.

You still have to play the game. Attendees will learn and evaluate different techniques for executing their daily and project game plans.

In addition to the educational take-aways, there will be prizes for team and individual performance. Attendees are encouraged to wear their favorite team jersey, jacket, T-shirt or colors and come prepared to learn while having fun.
– Randy Goruk, Leaders Edge 360 

Project Supervision – Ethics, Integrity
& Human Relations

(Full-day learning; seats are limited)
Great companies are efficient, effective and ethical. Participants in this special
Construction U class will work through scenario-based training focused on integrity to
achieve high ethical standards. Participants will learn how to approach employee and
jobsite conflict while maintaining strong ethical principals.
– Ken Collins, Ken Collins Coaching 
Emerging Leader – Coaching the Emerging Leader
(Full-day learning; seats are limited) SOLD OUT!
Contractors need leaders and employees need coaching. Given all that’s happening on a daily basis in construction, any company lacking in leadership will not perform up to its potential – and might even fail entirely. Why? Because its most important resource – its employees – are not being led and coached in a manner that benefits both the worker and the company. 

Leaders coach and coaches lead, and this workshop, based on Brad Humphrey’s 
new “Coaching the Emerging Leader” book, will provide you insights into aspects of coaching and leadership you probably haven’t considered before. Plus, you’ll learn how all these elements fit together and how they can be tweaked to help you become a better leader and a better coach. You’ll learn (and learn how to improve):

• How leaders speak
• How to develop a positive professional presence
• The value of “small talk”
• How “profiling” employees can help you better coach them
• Techniques to deal with difficult people
• Delegation
• How to instill confidence in others (a key attribute of successful leaders)
• And more!

When you leave this engaging, nuts-and-bolts session – you’re not just going to sit 
there! – you’ll take with you the insights, tips and techniques to help you develop and grow in any leadership position. Leaders coach and coaches lead... and whether you’re new to leadership or are a veteran leader, this new workshop will help you do a better job for those you lead, your company – and yourself.
– Brad Humphrey, Pinnacle Development Group

Trenching and Excavation (NUCCA)
(Full-day learning)
Trenching and excavation hazards result in dozens of deaths annually. Soil stability, soil type, changes in weather, and unshored trench walls all can contribute to trench cave-ins. Hazards associated with trench work and excavation are recognized and preventable, yet injuries and fatalities associated with these hazards continue to occur.

This track will provide you with information on regulations and consensus standards 
describe engineering controls, protective equipment, and safe work practices to minimize hazards for workers during trench work and excavations. This eight-hour
certified program covers the scope and application of the excavation standard, general excavation requirements, protective systems requirements, and soil classifications along with OSHA inspections.
– Dan Parks, ABC of Wisconsin

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