Are you an owner or prime contractor looking for bidders on your
next construction project?
ABC of Wisconsin will help you find those qualified companies.

Are you a member looking for more opportunities to Find Work?
We can help by notifying you of opportunities to bid with owners or prime contractors.

Step 1 Preferred: Email ABC a link to your
invitation to bid to

Optional: Email ABC a PDF of your
invitation to bid to

Step 2 Preferred:
Identify needed contractors
by CSI code (Construction Specification
Institute ).

Optional: Provide a written description
of the Scope of Work.

Step 3 ABC of Wisconsin will forward your
invitation to bid to the appropriate
ABC member companies.

Step 1 Make sure your CSI codes are up-to-date
in the ABC of WI database.

Step 2 Make sure the volume of work you can do
is up-to-date in the ABC of WI database.

Step 3 Make sure ABC of WI has the correct
information to contact you.

All of this information is in the ABC of Wisconsin Construction Users’ Guide. If the information is not correct you need to contact Deanna Regel at
If you have questions feel free to contact ABC of Wisconsin at 608-244-5583 or 800-236-2224. If you would like a printable version of this information please click here for a pdf.

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