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New Overtime Rule Raises Salary Cutoff to $35,568

11/13/2019 1:16 PM

Kate Shieldt thumbnailEffective January 1, 2020, a final rule from the US Department of Labor (DOL) amends the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) regulations implementing the minimum wage and overtime exemptions for executive employeesadministrative employeesprofessional employeescomputer employees and outside salespersons as ...

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8 potential ugly scenarios for companies without employee handbooks

10/14/2019 11:13 AM

Handbook imagesCompanies I work with often ask themselves, "Why should I have an employee handbook?" When I hear this, I know they are looking at the handbook as a potential enemy. "It will confine me in my decisions because if we have one, then we must follow it," they say. Or they say, "We haven't had a problem yet." Another enemy scenario is that they decide to develop a handbook, but then don't follow it or they just stash it away in a drawer ... 

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NLRB's prime healthcare decision: Time to cure ailing mandatory arbitration agreements

8/28/2019 1:55 PM

Symes photoIn June, the Republican-controlled National Labor Relations Board (NLRB or Board) issued an employer-unfriendly decision concerning the acceptable scope of pre-dispute mandatory arbitration agreements between employers and employees. The case is Prime Healthcare Paradise Valley, LLC, 368 NLRB No. 10 (June 18, 2019) ...

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