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New Overtime Rule Raises Salary Cutoff to $35,568

11/13/2019 1:16 PM

Kate Shieldt thumbnailEffective January 1, 2020, a final rule from the US Department of Labor (DOL) amends the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) regulations implementing the minimum wage and overtime exemptions for executive employeesadministrative employeesprofessional employeescomputer employees and outside salespersons as ...

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Veni, Vidi, Veto: Wisconsin 2019-21 State Budget Highlights

9/24/2019 1:29 PM

John Schulze thumbnail imageGov. Tony Evers introduced a state budget that included significant public construction investment and the rollback of labor reforms. His first state budget proposal included many of his campaign promises, some of which were construction-related initiatives ... 

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Business continuity and perpetuation – Get with the plan!

9/11/2019 9:53 AM

Mike Zahn photo

Type-A. Entrepreneurial. Driven. Innovative. Tireless. Sound familiar?

Contractors are planners by nature. Most company principals have worked their entire professional lives to build and grow their firms, yet for many, the idea of perpetuating their business is always years away. In an era of record valuations, it’s easy to make the assumption that a willing buyer will always be there to take the reins. The key to successful ownership transition is simply ...

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AR and VR Will Shape the Future of BIM 3D Modeling

8/30/2019 9:59 AM

Tom Nohelty photoSoon, walking through a construction site and envisioning what the completed project will look like won’t require an active imagination. Using virtual and augmented reality and Building Information Modeling (BIM), any element of the design will appear before your eyes. To better understand what’s going on now and future developments in BIM, Andy Fischer, Applied Tech’s Professional Services Manager, sat down with Brandon Mikeal, a VDC/BIM Engineer ...

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NLRB's prime healthcare decision: Time to cure ailing mandatory arbitration agreements

8/28/2019 1:55 PM

Symes photoIn June, the Republican-controlled National Labor Relations Board (NLRB or Board) issued an employer-unfriendly decision concerning the acceptable scope of pre-dispute mandatory arbitration agreements between employers and employees. The case is Prime Healthcare Paradise Valley, LLC, 368 NLRB No. 10 (June 18, 2019) ...

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3M issues DO NOT USE recall notice for specific fall protection lifeline devices

8/13/2019 1:32 PM
Recall thumbnailRED WING, MN — 3M Fall Protection announces an immediate stop use and product recall of the 3M™ DBI-SALA® Nano-Lok™ edge and Wrap Back Twin-Leg Self Retracting Lifelines. The twin-leg Nano-Lok edge is part of a personal fall protection system and connects two self-retracting lifelines/devices (SRL’s/SRD’s) directly under the dorsal d-ring of a worker’s harness. It is intended to be anchored at foot-level, and is designed for sharp edge applications. The twin-leg Wrap Back Nano-Lok is intended for wrapping around an anchor and incorporates a similar energy absorber. 3M has determined that in the event of a fall and under certain conditions, the energy absorber may not properly deploy ... Read the rest of entry »

How to avoid common compliance oversights in construction contracts

6/20/2019 11:04 AM
Construction hard hat thumbnailConstruction contracts can contain pages and pages of requirements, with issues ranging from labor and safety practices to minimum liability coverages and more. A contract is primarily designed to protect the property owners that hire your company. Because contracts can be so complex and vary with each project, knowing whether you’re in breach of those contracts is a major challenge. Whether a subcontractor or general contractor, use these tips to help manage it all and remain in compliance. Read the rest of entry »

Targeting the "independent contractor"

5/17/2019 8:08 AM
Drywall photoAdvances in technology have resulted in one in five jobs in America now being some form of non-traditional worker-company relationship, like independent contractor. Independent contractor work is appealing for both the worker and the company. The contractor has the benefit of setting prices, work hours, type of work, and completion schedule. Misclassification occurs when an employer incorrectly defines a worker as an independent contractor rather than as an employee. Oftentimes, misclassification is an honest mistake by an employer, but there is a perception among some elected officials and union officers that employers misclassify their workers to evade the laws that protect employees and ... Read the rest of entry »

Improving contractor performance (and profits)

4/17/2019 1:35 PM
Money imageThe most unused tool for most contractors is their accounting system. There are few tools that can help either make more money – or help you to lose it all – than the accounting system. You use it to help improve your company’s performance and cash flow.A 2016 study by Dodger Data and Analytics concluded that high-performing contractors – those who complete 25 percent or more of projects ahead of schedule Read the rest of entry »

Revisiting predictions made about prevailing wage repeal

4/12/2019 2:16 PM
John Mielke photoThere’s an old quote that says, “the historian is a prophet looking backwards.” Legislation is oftentimes subject to predictions. While I’m not a historian, I like to examine the impacts of legislation, especially when it pertains to our industry. 

One such measure I’m watching is repeal of prevailing wage and the impact it is having on our industry. As you may know, Associated Builders & Contractors of Wisconsin advocated strongly for repeal of this arcane and archaic system for many years ... Read the rest of entry »
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