Skill Competition winners
2019 ABC of Wisconsin Apprentice Skill Competition first place
winners (l-r): Cody Heath, Terrytown Plumbing; Jedidiah Krug, Current
Electric Co.; and Chad St. John, Northcentral Construction Corporation.  

WEST BEND, WI -- Three of Wisconsin’s top construction apprentices have earned top honors in their respective trades and will represent the state in the Associated Builders & Contractors (ABC) National Craft Championships (NCC). The three advanced after placing first in their respective trades at the ABC of Wisconsin Skill Competition and will now compete against the top craft trainees from around the U.S

 The Skill Competition, held in West Bend on Friday, included 19 competitors representing four technical colleges in carpentry, electrical and plumbing. The day-long event includes a practical competition in the morning and written exam in the afternoon.

Here are the 2019 ABC of Wisconsin Skill Competition winners:


1st Place – Chad St. John, Northcentral Construction Corporation, Moraine Park Technical College

2nd Place – John Paul Rubenzer, Altmann Construction Co., Inc., Moraine Park Technical College

3rd Place – Brian Noone, Stevens Construction Corp., Moraine Park Technical College


1st Place – Cody Heath, Terrytown Plumbing, Madison College
2nd Place – Charles Earle, Milestone Plumbing, Inc., Waukesha County Technical College
3rd Place – Samuel Heath, Dave Jones, Inc., Madison College  


1st Place – Jedidiah Krug, Current Electric Co., Waukesha County Technical College
2nd Place – Tyler Anderson, DeTroye Electric Service, Inc., Moraine Park Technical College
3rd Place – Craig Holland, MCR Services, LLC, Moraine Park Technical College

“This is a great experience for the competitors who get to measure their skills with those of their fellow competitors,” said John Mielke, president of Associated Builders and Contractors of Wisconsin. “We’re proud of all the competitors who are passionate about their trades and come out and take advantage of this opportunity,” Mielke said.

The National Craft Championships will be held in Long Beach, California in March.

See the video highlights on YouTube.  See photos from the event.