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LOANER POLICY: The ABC of WI office offers safety videos on a 10-day FREE loaner basis. A credit card deposit is required. If you do not return your tape within 10 days, we will assume that you wish to purchase the video/DVDand we will charge your card for the full value including sales tax. The values will be listed on the rental agreement form that will be mailed to you when renting videos. Please call the ABC WI Office at 800-236-2224 or 608-244-5883 to request a kit.

Avoiding Struck by/Hit by for Construction Training Kit - Order #SK501
This kit can help your employees increase their awareness of struck by/hit by hazards and how to help eliminate those hazards. The kit covers material on protection from falling objects, personal protective equipment, material handling and storage, vehicle movement, and much more. Included in the kit is a 19-minute video, an instructor’s guide and employee handbooks with quizzes.

Back Safety - Order #SK502
Program covers what causes back pain, six steps for properly lifting a load, and how to prevent back injuries from occurring.

Compressed Gases - Order #SK503
With this kit, your employees can learn about the dangers of compressed gases and how they can help protect themselves. The kit covers such key topics as types of gases, hazards, MSDSs and personal protective equipment.

Covers the four main areas of training - authorized entrant, attendant, entry supervisor, and rescue service.

Corrosives - Order #SK505
Using quotes from manufacturers and medical personnel, this kit’s video describes common corrosives used in industry and the harm they can cause. You can use the kit to help explain acids and bases, hazards associated with corrosives, and what your employees can do to prevent accidents and injuries.

Drug-free Workplace: Abuse, Safety & Assistance - Order #SK506
Ready-made kit can help you introduce your employees to the concept of a drug-free workplace in a non-threatening way!

Electrical Safety Training Kit - Order #SK507
This kit is designed to help you increase employee awareness of electrical safety and to provide ideas on ways employees can improve thier work practices. The kit covers how electricity works, temporary hook-ups, ground fault circuit interrupters (GFCIs), and much more.

Electrical Standard - What You Should Know - Order #SK508
Save yourself the time and trouble of creating an electrical-standard training program from scratch.
We’ve assembled in one convenient package a variety of materials to help you meet the training requirements of OSHA standard 1910.332. The program uses professionals in real-life situations to help teach employees about safe practices for working with or near electrical equipment. It gives approach distances for qualified and unqualified employees, reviews lockout/tagout procedures, discusses proper use of illumination and protective equipment, reviews testing procedures,
and more.

Fall Protection: A Training Program for Employees - Order #SK509
This video-based program will help train your employees in the proper fall protection equipment and systems, discuss the different fall protection systems, where each should be used, and why they are needed. The program also covers safety monitoring systems, safety equipment limitations, the use of a fall protection plan, and the use of guardrails and safety nets. The program contains a 24-minute video, regulations handbook, overview handbook, instructor’s guides and employee handbooks.

Fire Safety Training Kit - Order #SK510
This information-packed training kit can help show your employees how to properly use a portable fire extinguisher, and what to do in case of a fire. Includes easy-to-follow fire prevention tips, and tips on how to store and where to use flammable liquids.

Flammables and Fuels - Order #SK511
This kit’s video uses a variety of different work settings to demonstrate some of the common flammables and their potential hazards. The kit’s key topics include the four classes of fire, flash points, safe handling and use, and the fire triad.

Forklift Safety for Construction - Order #SK512
This program was designed to meet the unique needs of construction forklift operators and will lessen your worries by helping you comply with OSHA’s new forklift training rule. Get the training proogram that will cover the issues that are important to you.

Hazard Communication (HazCom) Compliance Kit - Order #SK514
This kit is designed for all types of contractors and material suppliers.
It translates complex regulations into step-by-step instructions.
This kit also includes: 

  • Employee Training Video
  • Sample Forms/Letters
  • Employee Training Log
  • Checklist for Compliance
  • Employer Audio Cassette

Hazwoper Training Kits - Order #SK515
These kits help you comply with training requirments under OSHA’s Hazardous Waste Operations and Emergency Response regulation:

  • In-Plant Immediate Emergency Response
  • Personal Protection Equipment and Clothing
  • Decontamination Procedures
  • Handling Hazardous Waste

Lockout/Tagout - Order #SK519
Covers how to avoid life-threatening situations, when to use tags, and what rules to follow for using multiple locks

Personal Protective Equipment - Order #SK520
This comprehensive program covers eye, foot, respiratory, head, and hearing protection.

Respiratory Protection Training Kit - Order #SK521
This new training kit provides a general overview of OSHA’s recently revised repiratory protection standards, including: employer and employee responsibilities, fit testing procedures, care and maintenance of respirators, and selection of respirators.

Safe Forklift Operations - General Industry - Order #SK522
This kit can help you meet forklift training requirements. Your employees will see: drivers operating forklifts in different warehouse conditions, operating procedures for a variety of equipment, and what a pre-operational forklift inspection should include.

Safety Awareness - Order #SK523
Covers the emotional, physical, and financial costs of accidents, how to reduce unsafe acts, and how employees can make safety a part of their life.

Scaffolding - Order #SK524
Covers fall protection, inspection of scaffolds, protection from falling objects, and erection of scaffolds.

Solvents - Order #SV628
Use this kit to help educate your employees on the possible health effects of working with solvents. Through the kit’s video, your employees will discover correct use of personal protective equipment, how to use labels properly, and what to do in case of a spill.

Trenching and Shoring Training Kit - Order #SK525
This kit will help you train your employees on OSHA’s tough excavation standards by covering the key issues of the excavation standard, including: what to do before you dig, soil classification, protective support systems, sloping and benching, and emergency response for cave-ins.

What to do in Case of Accidents & Breakdowns Training Kit - Order #SK526
This training kit speaks directly to your experienced drivers, so they’ll be more likely to remember and practice DOT-required accident and breakdown response procedures.

What You Should Know About Materials of Trade Training Kit - Order #SK527
These materials are exempt from the regulations that apply to the transportation of hazardous materials, when transported in specifc amounts and for a reason other than transportation. This kit provides a clear concise description of what is considered to be a material of trade. 

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