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Basic Electrical Safety on the Job Site - Order #SV600
This 11-minute video meets mandatory training in electrical safety. Explains how to avoid specific electrical hazards. Excellent for individuals exposed to electricity on the job site.

Bloodborne Pathogens for Construction - Order #SV601
This 17-minute video explains precautions to take when administering first aid on a construction site. Designed to prevent exposures to HIV and Hepatitis B viruses that can be transmitted by contact with contaminated blood products. Training for all employees, but designed for those persons who may give first aid CPR or be exposed to blood and blood products.

Confined Space Entry - Order #SV602
This 10-minute video highlights the latest OSHA standards in reviewing the dangers of working in confined and/or permit-required spaces. It is a step-by step approach to an effective entry permit program.

Construction Back Safety - Order #SV603
Back injuries are painful for employees and expensive for employers. This program provides an overview of up-to-date injury prevention research, including posture, lifting mechanics, and exercises to show your employees how to protect their backs - on the jobsite and off. This 10-minute video also includes a handbook.

Construction Electrical Safety - Order #SV604
Senseless, accidental electrocutions kill and injure many construction workers each year. This 12-minute video and handbook focuses on safety procedures that are essential when working with or around electricity on a construction site.

Construction Fall Protection: Get Arrested - Order #SV605
This program will help your employees work safer and smarter. It will also train your employees on what’s new, what’s in, and what’s out, as far as fall arrest equipment and safety procedures go.

Construction Safety Orientation Program - Order #SV606
A concise, on-target presentation aimed at training new employees on proper safety practices and motivating safety performance. This 25-minute video pinpoints safety problems and informs employees of effective, corrective measures.

Construction Stairways and Ladders - Order #SV607
This 10-minute video highlights the most commonly used ladders in the construction industry: stepladders, extension ladders, trestle ladders, fixed ladders, and a variety of stairways. The video complies with OSHA 1926.1052, 1053. A handbook is also included.

Ergonomics Success Video Series - Order #SV610
These to-the-point videos can have a positive, lasting effect on your employees and your bottom line. Instead of discussing complex ergonomics theories, the videos deal directly with what your employees need to know. They demonstrate, in actual office and manufacturing settings, specific actions your employees can take to reduce their risk of injury. After watching the videos, your employees will walk away with practical knowledge ... knowledge they can put to use every day. Each video also includes a leader’s guide and 10 employee action cards. Videos include: Ergonomics Awareness (8 min.); Lifting (12 min.); Back Exercises (15 min.); Computer Usage (10 min.); and Materials Handling (10 min.)

Fall Protection - Order #SV611
This 10-minute video shows how even a short fall can cause serious injury or even death. This great training tools covers body harnesses, shock absorbing lanyards, swing effect, rope grabs, retractable lanyards, and more.

General Safe Work Practices - Order #SV613
This 12-minute video outlines basic job responsibilities, safe work practices such as housekeeping, safe lifting, personal protective equipment. Meets requirements for training in exposure to "general hazards."

Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter - Order #SV614
This 11-minute video is designed to train all employees in the use of GFCIs and how the system operates. This program also explains elements of the mandatory GFCI written program. Will increase electrical safety awareness.

Focus on Safety Training Video Series - Order #SV615
This series of brief, informative videos helps you provide quick "hit" safety reminders where they’re needed most. In less than ten minutes per subject, individual employees or groups can refresh their safety knowledge and renew their commitment, helping reduce the likelihood of accidents. All tapes feature three 2-minute segments, each taking a different approach to its subject. One segment features a dramatization of how routine workplace procedures can turn into serious accidents. Another features an on- camera host giving a clear, easy-to-follow presentation of safe work habits. And the third segment contains interviews with medical professionals who give first-hand accounts of the consequences of safety lapses. Each tape also comes with a leader’s guide, 10 employee skill/commitment cards (containing safe-procedure checklists and safety pledges), and 10 retraining logs (to document who has participated). Use these highly targeted video programs, and in just a few minutes less time than a coffee break you can provide employees with a valuable safety "wake-up call."

Hearing Conservation - Order #SV616
This 10-minute video explains hearing protection, devices and what hearing conservation is all about. Also, how construction employees can benefit from a good hearing conservation program.

Housekeeping - Order #SV618
This 9-minute video explains the purpose of housekeeping, accident prevention through good housekeeping, and the basic elements of housekeeping in the construction environment.

How to Attract and Keep Skilled Workers - Order #SV619
This 10-minute video shows you how employers in the construction industry are using better fringe benefit programs to attract and retain good employees. This video, presented by the ABC Insurance Trust, will explore ways to offer low cost but competitive fringe benefit plans.

How to Survive an OSHA Inspection - Order #SV620
This video provides a comprehensive overview of the OSHA inspection process, beginning with the pre-planning needed to prepare for an inspection through the contractor's rights under the OSHA act. Know the process and your rights. A handbook is included.

Industrial Safety Orientation - Order #SV621
Many potential hazards exist in the industrial workplace. This 18-minute video provides an orientation for new employees on the hazards routinely encountered on the job and teaches them proper safety practices.

Lead Safety in Construction - Order #SV622
This 12-minute training video is designed for all construction workers as an overview to lead safety. It explains the hazards associated with lead, including welding, soldering, cleaning, cutting and many other methods where lead may come in contact with construction workers.

Respirators and How to Use Them - Order #SV625
For those construction workers required to wear respiratory protective equipment, it’s important they be properly trained in the proper use, selection, care, and cleaning of it. The 12-minute video discusses the use of dust masks, half mask, and full face mask respirators and touches on SCBA respiratory equipment.

Substance Abuse Prevention in Construction - Order #SV629
Substance abuse costs construction-industry employers millions of dollars each year. This 10-minute video discusses how to spot signs of substance abuse and combat it through the use of a comprehensive substance abuse prevention program. A handbook is included.

Traffic Control: Flagger Safety - Order #SV630
This 8-minute video covers training for anyone is assigned the task of traffic control/flagger. Explains proper equipment, operating rules and professional attitude during this important assignment

Trenching and Shoring Safety - Order #SV631
"Imagine being trapped in a collapsed trench as water from a damaged main rises above your head." This 11-minute, impact-oriented video alerts employees to the importance of using proper safety procedures and protection during excavation work. It highlights the OSHA Excavation Standard, 29 CFR 1926.650-652.

7-Minute Solutions Video-based training - Order #SV626 (Set I) & SV627 (Set II)
7-Minute Solutions feature brief, lively videos that summarize critical safety information for veteran drivers. They’re convenient tools for providing the kind of refresher training that can help keep veteran drivers alert and aware on the road. Each 7-Minute Solution also includes Driver Skill Cards to reinforce the information in the video plus an Instructor’s Bulletin that provides training assistance and a driver quiz.

Set I includes: Seeing Hazards, Extreme Weather Driving, Backing, Coupling & Uncoupling, Night Driving, and Truck Fires

Set II includes: Driver Fatigue, Vehicle Inspections, Accident Procedures, Emergency Maneuvers, Driving Techniques, and Speed & Space Management

Set III includes: Electrical Safety, Importance ofFall Protection, Understanding Hand & Power Tools, Importance of PPE equipment, Stairways and Ladders and Construction Sarfey Orientation for Employees

Set IV includes: Inspection & Maintenance of Forklifts, Importance of Hand Protection, Understanding HazCom Labels, What to Know about Lockout/Tagout Understaning MSDS, What to do When a Spill Occurs 

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