Sentry Safety Dividend Program pays nice dividend again for 2020

The ABC of Wisconsin Sentry Insurance Safety Dividends Program paid a nice dividend to participants in 2020. This year, the loss ratio was 37% and it’s paying out 12% of the non-workers compensation lines. The total dividend paid is $386,000.

The program, which has 31 members, experienced 57% growth in premium in 2020 and has $7.5 million in non-workers’ compensation lines.

A loss ratio dividend, based on performance of the group on non-workers’ comp. business lines, has been paid in each of the last three years; essentially since the program was large enough.

Sentry safety dividend

This partnership between ABC of Wisconsin and Sentry was established because both share a mutual interest in promoting safety.

“Sentry was interested in offering a program that provides additional financial rewards to ABC of Wisconsin members who demonstrate their commitment to running safe businesses,” said John Mielke, ABC of Wisconsin president. “As a result, we have an excellent, Wisconsin-based company providing a rare program in the insurance industry.”

“It’s the only program that we have like this in existence at Sentry,” said Tim Zepnick, regional executive from Sentry Insurance. “We think it’s performing extremely well, and we look forward to continuing it.”

This dividend applies to non-workers’ compensation insurance package lines, excluding equipment breakdown and umbrella coverage.

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