How to React, Respond & Be Respectful in Communication

Who Should Attend:

  • Field workers
  • Rising leaders & key personnel in team culture
  • Administrative professionals
  • Entry Level Workers & Apprentices
  • People interested in enhancing their communication skills

People hope to work in an environment where everyone is happy and easy going, but that can be challenging in times of stress, pressure, or disagreement. Whether you are on the job site or in the office, we have all interacted with people that didn’t represent our best self. This session will help to increase your awareness of how you currently respond to difficult situations, and you will learn techniques to “keep calm and carry on” and communicate in a professional way.

What You Will Learn:

  • Understanding emotional intelligence
  • Discuss the elements of conflict communication
  • Explore calming techniques and strategies
  • Learn to respond vs react
  • Learn tools and techniques for constructive conversations