Rising Leader

The ABC of Wisconsin Rising Leader program is designed to help prepare future construction business leaders for the next step in their career. This program offers training sessions on topics for the next generation of construction leaders and business owners in Wisconsin.

Who Should Attend:

  • Project Managers
  • Project Supervisors
  • Leaders transitioning to an owner or executive level
  • Leaders looking to accelerate their career in construction

The course sessions in this program are taught by top industry leaders, covering construction company specific topics every Rising Leader needs to know. These interactive sessions allow for networking and the ability to share experiences and best practices with peers from your industry who are on the same career path.

This nine-day program starts on October 11 and ends on December 7, 2023. Registration is only sold as a nine-day program. Individual sessions are not open for registration.

Course Session Time: 8:00a.m. – 4:00p.m.
Where: Professional Development Center, ABC of Wisconsin, 5330 Wall St., Madison, WI
Registration Fees: $2,800 for the first person, $2,400 for each additional person from the same company

Course Overview

Day 1 – Oct 11

Day 1: Transitioning from Employee to Leader – Oct 11

Instructor: Mike Carr, Lift Consulting
Every organization has a need to develop their leadership bench strength. All too often high performers are acknowledged for their successes; then promoted into management without proper training or even an understanding of what they are signing up for. The best organizations understand that effective leaders can build strong management practices, efficient & effective internal processes, high-performing teams, and increased employee retention. This session will focus on how leaders grow through adversity, train, mentor and motivate their rising leaders.

Day 2 - Oct 12

Day 2: CliftonStrengths – Utilizing Your Talents and Skills – Oct 12

Instructor: Brandi Davis, ABC of Wisconsin
Knowing your strengths helps to gain clarity, inspiration, and motivation in the work we do. Attendees will discuss and define their own top 5 strengths and learn how to garner insight into how each individuals’ strengths work best, independently and to lead a team. (Attendees will be required to take a Strengths Assessment prior to course).

Day 3 & 4 - Oct 25-26

Day 3 & 4: HR & Accounting Conference – Oct 25-26

Instructor: Various

Day 5 - Nov 9

Day 5: Setting Up for Employee Success – Nov 9

Instructor: Sarah Fecht, Best Self Leadership, LLC
People – the most important asset in every organization! Who we hire, discipline, promote, along with those we share with our competitors, sends a message to the rest of the company on the expectations at our business. This session will explore how to attract and select the right talent for your team and the systems you will need to put in place from the date of hire to engage and grow your employees. Attendees will walk away with an understanding of the importance of career succession planning as well as how to implement growth plans. Attendees will also learn the framework of how to have challenging performance conversations that will move employees up or move them out of your organization.

Day 6 - Nov 10

Day 6: Leading a Crew thru Servant Leadership – Nov 10

Instructor: Jim Bunkelmann, Royal Construction, Inc.
Identifying how to help your team work more effectively can sometimes seem like a million-dollar question. Over the years, Servant Leadership has gained credibility in increasing the effectiveness of a team. By understanding what it means to be a Servant Leader to your team you can help your team overcome obstacles and recognize the skills and traits they need to develop and in turn create the culture of an engaged and productive team.

Day 7 - Dec 5

Day 7: Financial Productivity & Financial Management – Dec 5

Instructor: John Schwab, Executive Coach, EOS Worldwide
Understanding your numbers is critical to your short- and long-term success. Through review and understanding of financial statements and interactive activities, this session will focus on how to predict your financial success earlier, adjust to changing conditions more rapidly, and manage your cash flow more effectively.

Day 8 - Dec 6

Day 8: Risk Management: Property, Policies & People – Dec 6

Instructors: Diana Schmidt / Jay Zahn / Ken Alderden, Hausmann Group
Claims for damage to property or persons often arise in connection with ongoing or completed construction projects. Leaders in any organization need to understand insurance, bonds, and establishing a safety culture to help minimize their claim risks. This session will provide an understanding of the world of construction insurance including underwriting, decision making, and financial analysis. Attendees will discuss the key concepts of what drives insurance costs and how to manage his or her Worker’s Compensation Experience Mod as well as other emerging risks contractors face today.

Day 9 - Dec 7

Day 9: Moving Forward: Personal Productivity Planning & Execution – Dec 7 (Half day)

Instructor: Jess Cannizzaro, Milestone Plumbing, Inc.
It is important to understand how exceptional leaders spend their time. This session will focus on strategies and techniques for improving personal productivity and accountability in your role as a leader and its impact on organizational success.