ABC of Wisconsin  has a growing membership that believes in open competition and the free enterprise system. Our members are awarded projects based on their leading safety standards, high-quality workmanship and competitive pricing. We believe in rewarding workers because of talent – not tenure – because of the work they do – not the length of time they’ve been doing it. Simply stated, our members’ projects are Built on Merit. ABC’s safety, educational and apprenticeship training ensures our members are the most qualified for any construction project. Take a moment to check out our site and learn how we can help you today. 



Associated Builders and Contractors is a national trade association, representing more than 21,000 merit shop contractors, subcontractors, material suppliers, manufacturers and construction-related professionals. With more than 800 members, the Wisconsin chapter is the largest in the country. ABC members support the merit shop philosophy which stresses open competition and the free enterprise system, and they believe the best construction projects are those Built On Merit.