ABC In-House HR Training and Consulting Services

This month Associated Builders and Contractors of Wisconsin is launching our ABC In-House Human Resources Training and Consulting Services.  ABC is offering eight training programs designed for presentation at member facilities.  The programs are presented by attorneys and human resources professionals within the ABC of Wisconsin Human Resources Committee.  This is an exciting benefit available to ABC members.

Human resources departments perform a variety of tasks and activities within an organization.  An H.R. department will typically coordinate functions that range from recruiting, hiring, training and the development of policies to organizing performance evaluations and investigating claims.  In order to properly promote and protect the business, human resources departments must keep the organization’s employees and executives updated on a variety of laws and responsibilities.  To assist the human resources professions at member businesses, the ABC of Wisconsin Human Resources Committee began providing comprehensive educational and training services at an annual human resources conference in October of 2011.  The new in-house programs being launched this month enhance our members’ ability to receive educational and training services directly at your business.

The current topics offered by ABC include union avoidance, harassment in the workplace, performance management, career paths, restrictive covenants (non-compete agreements), jobsite picketing and dual gate system, dealing with difficult employees and the more intensive overview of all issues in H.R. Boot Camp.  The sessions are designed to last between one hour and three hours depending upon the members’ needs and goals through the training process.

The variety of topics contemplates the most regular and important H.R. questions confronting our members.  The goal is to instill excellence in H.R. practices and provide protections against liability.  For instance, the harassment program explains the laws related to workplace harassment, the best practices in developing policies prohibiting sexual and general workplace harassment and the proper manner to respond to any complaint of harassment by employees or others.  Whenever the United States Equal Employment Opportunity Commission or the Wisconsin Equal Rights Division investigate an actual sexual harassment claim, the employer will be asked to produce its harassment policy and explain its response to the employee’s concerns.  Having an in-house H.R. training session covering workplace harassment is an excellent way to prepare in case a claim arises, as well as establishing a critical piece of evidence.  It is very helpful to demonstrate that the employer has a proper anti-harassment policy and an adequate procedure for investigation.

It is extremely important for every employer to ensure compliance with laws relating to human resources.  The laws and obligations include labor relations, employee relations, harassment, discrimination and wage and hour concerns.  The compliance side of human resources is enhanced by in-house programs where the management team receives efficient education and training.  The other side of effective human resources is the development of key individuals and workplace improvements.  Career paths and proper performance management allow a company to avoid unnecessary turnover and build goodwill.

There are countless organizations providing expensive H.R. training services that are not tailored for particular markets.  ABC this new offering provides a fairly priced array of training options performed by skilled ABC members that understand the construction market.  You can obtain the benefits of skilled H.R. training in a trusted and efficiently priced manner.  Regardless of your choice in a training program, please be sure to regularly review your own policies and H.R. practices.

To download the list of HR In-house training services click here!

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