Standing up for open competition in the construction industry

Legislative Advocacy


Protecting Your Rights

ABC of Wisconsin is successfully advancing free enterprise in construction by defending attacks organized by opponents of merit construction and promoting legislation important to members and the construction industry.


Public Policy Initiatives

Careers Agenda

Slowing population growth and declining labor force participation (especially in youth employment) signal a long-term workforce shortage. To maximize labor force participation, it’s essential that the K-12 system provide students with transferable employability skills also known as career readiness. Career readiness is the process of preparing students for life after school as they begin their careers. With that goal in mind, ABC of Wisconsin has developed a series of recommended policies to consider.

On Your Side
Professional Lobbying

Our on-staff, professional lobbyists in Madison and Washington represent the interests of merit contractors. ABC monitors every bill introduced to ensure that it will not adversely affect members. ABC’s lobbyists proactively introduce legislation, such as repealing prevailing wage, ending unfair utility and government competition and prohibiting union-only project labor agreements and provide members access to decision makers.

Monitoring Agency Rules

ABC monitors the activities of government agencies. From building codes, to environmental laws to labor law, the administrative rules that government bureaucracies write every day can be just as harmful to your business as any bill passed before the legislature. ABC and its members are involved with an array of industry committees and councils to keep you informed, help you avoid bureaucratic landmines and help you retrieve accurate information quickly.

Legislative Alerts on Important Issues

ABC doesn’t stop with the monitoring of the legislature and government agencies. The Building Influence newsletter keeps you informed on the legislative issues impacting your bottom line. ABC notifies members as quickly as possible if any law changes will affect your business. You and ABC can take appropriate action to protect your business.

The Merit Trifecta

The Merit Trifecta is building an environment of pro-merit and free enterprise by passing legislation on Right to Work, Project Labor Agreement Neutrality and repeal of Prevailing Wage. It has only been achieved by a handful of states. Thanks to the efforts of ABC members, all Wisconsin branches of government are more responsible stewards of taxpayer dollars and public contracts are awarded on merit, regardless of labor affiliation; a more level playing field and diverse participation in the public bidding process.

Lien Law Assistance

ABC has summaries and in-depth resources available to help members understand Wisconsin’s lien law and how it ensures that everyone receives proper pay for the work they do.

Talk to a Professional
Email John Schulze or call him at 608-244-5883 for more information on Legislative Advocacy.


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