Set wage requirements as defined by the Bureau of Apprenticeship Standards

Skilled Wage Rate Maps


Skilled Wage Maps by Trade

The skilled wage rate is used as the basis for determining the minimum rate for an apprentice at any given point during the apprenticeship contract. The skilled wage rate is derived from an analysis conducted by the State of Wisconsin Bureau of Apprenticeship Standards (DWD-BAS) of wage data for skilled workers in each trade and region of the state. Minimum wage rate figures are provided and enforced by the DWD-BAS.

The apprentice minimum rate is calculated as a percentage of the skilled rate, dependent on progress and time in the program. Each map is divided into six geographic regions of Wisconsin, set along county borders. Updated minimum rates are effective February 1st, 2024. Access the link below to view the interactive wage map produced by the DWD-BAS. Minimum percentage figures vary by trade and may be found in the apprentice contract.

Important contract note: Initial skilled wage rates are printed in each apprentice contract. If an updated rate is lower than the rate printed in the contract, the higher rate applies. Current minimum rates for existing apprentices will not be lowered.

DWD-BAS Apprenticeship Skilled Wage Rate Maps for 2024

ABC of WI 2023 Wage Rate Memo

Wage Maps By Year


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