ABC of Wisconsin

Call for Presentations COVID-19

Offer Your Expertise

Do you have expertise ABC of Wisconsin members should hear, especially related to COVID-19 and their business operations? Consider presenting to ABC members on a topic relevant to them. Due to potentially large response, ABC will have to evaluate each proposal, based on need and uniqueness. COVID-19 topics would be given priority. To participate, the following guidelines must be followed:

  • Presenter be an ABC member in good standing.
  • Presentations should not be sales-oriented nor directly promote your products and services.
  • Topic must be of interest and value to contractors (topics that helps contractors in their businesses). Presentations will be evaluated on relevance to this audience.
  • Each session is approximately 60 minutes in length, including Q & A.
  • Presenters provide all content and a short bio and explanation of your company for the introduction; ABC of Wisconsin provides the delivery platform and begins the webinar with an introduction.
  • ABC of Wisconsin may recommend the topic be delivered as an email alert or blog post instead of, or in addition to, a webinar.
  • ABC of Wisconsin will record the webinar broadcast. Presenters agree that the content may be repurposed by ABC, with appropriate credit to you.

Interested presenters should complete the form below. The appropriate ABC committee or staff will review your proposal for consideration.