Project Supervision Program Upgrades Format for 2024

In the construction, project supervisors play a pivotal role in ensuring successful project execution. As the industry continues to evolve, the need for skilled and knowledgeable leaders becomes increasingly apparent. To address this demand, ABC of Wisconsin offers the comprehensive Project Supervision education program tailored specifically for current and future project supervisors and project managers in construction.

The upcoming program, which is part of Construction U, has several upgrades, including a new session dedicated to managing costs on a jobsite and another on communicating with the construction team. OSHA 30 is no longer part of the program, allowing for the new added curriculum and fewer days in the program (9 instead of 12). OSHA 30 education, however, is a required prerequisite for attending the Project Supervision Program. ABC of Wisconsin is offering an OSHA 30 series in time for the Project Supervision Program. Many of the sessions also have new instructors.

“The purpose of Construction U programming is to provide the education our members’ employees need,” said Brandi Davis, Director of Education at ABC of Wisconsin. “We are able to keep the Project Supervision Program relevant by working closely with our contractor members who help us identify the content that will provide maximum benefit,” she said. “Many of our attendees have already completed OSHA 30 education, so this will make the program more efficient for these individuals.”

The program is designed to equip project supervisors with the essential skills, knowledge, and tools needed to navigate the complexities of construction projects successfully. From project initiation to completion, participants will gain insights into project management, best practices in cost maintenance, communication strategies, construction documents and contract law.

Sessions include:

  • Project Delivery: The Big Picture
  • Cost Control
  • Construction Plans & Specifications (Parts 1 and 2)
  • Contract Law
  • Communication Fundamentals
  • Strategic Thinking & Problem Solving
Brandi Davis

Brandi Davis

Each attendee will also be registered to attend ABC’s largest conference education event at SuperCon in February 2024 in Wisconsin Dells.

By enrolling in this revised and improved program, participants will receive valuable professional development for enhanced operations at their respective companies.

Learn more and/or register here.


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