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Construction Operations 4-Day Series Program Registration Form



Who Should Attend:

  • Project Managers
  • Project Supervisors
  • Crew Leaders/Foreman transitioning to next role

In the evolving world of construction, moving from fieldwork to the office can be a big adjustment. Transitioning to this new role may require a new set of skills and a different set of abilities. ABC of WI has developed a course that will help those in this transition phase learn a new set of skills that are required to be successful in this role.

This full four-day course gives the transitioning worker an opportunity to develop their skills, share experiences, and ask questions from industry experts that will set them up for success in their new role.

Course Session Time: 8:00a.m. – 3:00p.m.
Where: Professional Development Center, ABC of Wisconsin, 5330 Wall St., Madison, WI
Registration Fees: $1,000 for the first person, $850 for each additional person from the same company OR $325 for individual classes

DAY 1: Project Management in Construction – October 22, 2024

Instructor: Lee Hill, Koppers, Inc.
In the project management field, there are large differences between managing teams and projects in a technical or office environment vs. leading projects in the construction world. In the session, we will dive into the specifics of what it takes to lead, manage, negotiate, and successfully thrive in the construction project industry.

DAY 2: Risk Assessment & Insurance – October 29, 2024

Instructors: Diana Schmidt, Jay Zahn, & Ken Alderden, Hausmann Group
Claims for damage to property or persons often arise in connection with ongoing or completed construction projects. Transitioning leaders need to understand insurance, bonds, and establishing a safety culture to help minimize their claim risks. This session will provide an understanding of the world of construction insurance including underwriting, decision making, and financial analysis. Attendees will discuss the key concepts of what drives insurance costs and how to manage his or her Worker’s Compensation Experience Mod as well as other emerging risks contractors face today.

DAY 3: Understanding Financials – November 5, 2024

Instructor: John Schwab
Understanding financial statements is essential to the short term and long-term success of construction companies. This course will remove the complexity of their financial statements that will drive making informed business decisions, help quickly and easily identify areas that need attention, provide insight into the operations, improve predictability, and enable greater management of cash flow.

DAY 4: Preventing Litigation – November 12, 2024

Instructor: Howard “Buck” Barker
Lawsuits and legal conflicts are a legitimate concern for anyone working in construction. Through the use of real-life case studies, attendees will understand how to identify construction and design practices that cause litigation and how to avoid an escalation of legal actions. This interactive session will provide tools and procedures for assessing a threat when it arises and remedying it before lawyers are involved.


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