An update on the pending ‘Safer At Home’ order

From ABC of Wisconsin President John Mielke:

ABC of Wisconsin has been receiving several inquiries from members regarding Gov. Tony Evers’ forthcoming “Safer At Home” executive order that will be issued tomorrow, especially whether construction will be exempt from the ordered closure of businesses. Regardless of what you may have heard, this issue has not yet been resolved. Our advice is to treat Tuesday like you did today.

ABC of Wisconsin has been working with the Governor’s administration advocating for construction businesses to remain open as “essential services.” This would allow work sites to remain in operation by following COVID-19 safety precautions recommended by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

We remain hopeful that the Governor will continue to view construction as an essential service so that work can continue as usual. However, if the executive order does not go as expected and construction is removed from the essential services list, your employees will not have to leave the jobsite immediately. If the order applies to construction, the Governor has indicated there will be a buffer period to comply and employees will be allowed to complete work for the day.

We hope to know more on Tuesday and will relay the latest information to you as soon as possible.

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