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CoVantage Credit Union: Branch Office


Ellis Construction


Plover, WI


CoVantage Credit Union


Mudrovich Architects

About the Project

The new CoVantage Credit Union Branch Office located in Plover is a 3,081-square-foot wood-framed structure inclusive of an attached drive-up canopy, private offices, large lobby area for members, vault area, breakroom for employees, and a meeting room. Construction took seven months and came with its own uniqueness and challenges. From the exterior, the building looks like a normal wood-framed structure with asphalt shingles, but once you walk in the front vestibule you are immersed with unique finishes that carry into the lobby area. The building’s exterior features a front vestibule tower and a brick-and-mortar finish, while the interior is more intricate with the finish features of metallic painted door frames and curved archways. The interior layout includes the main lobby area, five office suites, a conference/lunchroom, workroom, two unisex restrooms, a storage/mother’s room, mechanical and IT/data room and a secured area for the vaults. There is also a two-lane canopy-covered drive-thru with ITMs located on the east side of the building.

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