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Grande Facility Expansion


PDC Electrical


Juda, WI


Grande Cheese Co.


Excel Engineering

About the Project

The Grande Juda was a four-year project that doubled the production for the cheese plant in Juda. It added a digester building with biogas generator and a chemical building along with upgrades to replace/remodel over ninety percent of a fully-functioning cheese plant, whey plant and waste water facility. PDC intimately assisted in the design, phasing and budgeting of the extensive project which consumed nearly 74,000 man hours that incurred minimal downtime. The renovation included, a new HTST, new milk RO/UF, silo room addition with eight new silos, a new starter room, new mill mix mold area, redesign of the entire packaging area, rework of the three bay intaks, two 500 HP ammonia compressors and much more. PDC pulled nearly 1,200,000 lineal feet of copper wire installed in 113,000 feet of total raceway with over 31,000 feet of it stainless steel. PDC also installed and wired 935 lights, wired 244 motors totaling 3,135 horsepower and wired 1,352 control devices.

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