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Kaysun Corporation – Plant Expansion


A.C.E. Building Service


Manitowoc, WI


Kaysun Corporation


A.C.E. Building Service

About the Project

The 54,000-square-foot facility expansion project for Kaysun Corporation presented significant design challenges that were met with unique remedies to overcome them. A.C.E. Building Service worked with the Kaysun project team to offer several different expansion scenarios before selecting one that was aligned best with future growth and ease of expansion. Facility power service, natural gas service, and process chiller equipment needed to be relocated to accommodate the expansion footprint with minimal disruption to operations. Most notably, over 23,000-square-feet of existing facility roof surface received a slope build-up re-roof system that reversed the pitch of the roof and set up the entire facility for future expansion. Continuous planning and real-time scope changes were navigated as Kaysun’s operational equipment needs were realized. Over 23,500 labor hours were logged to complete the project with zero lost time incidents. Approximately 59% of the project based on contract value was completed by ABC of Wisconsin members. The state-of-the-art manufacturing space boasts a bright, clean work environment with natural lighting, epoxy coated manufacturing floors, and a fully climate-controlled envelope for employee comfort.

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