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Kobra Molds, LLC


Ross & Associates, Ltd.


Hudson, WI


Kobra Molds, LLC


Auth Consulting & Associates

About the Project

The Kobra project in Hudson involved tripling the size of an existing manufacturing facility. Project planning consumed almost as much time as construction. To meet the project deadline, critical path method (CPM) was used. Ross & Associates carefully planned to accommodate Kobra?s desire to begin installing and use certain equipment once parts of the new facility were given occupancy. This meant equipment delivery and installation needed to be perfectly timed. A big challenge was the need to communicate with owner decision-makers in both Hudson and Germany. Equipment deliveries were tightly coordinated with some suppliers being international. Well into the project, the owner desired to add an oven room for finishing of some of their molded products. The oven itself would not be installed until project completion, but a very large room for it was requested after precast panels, bar joists, and other critical building infrastructure was already ordered.

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