Gold Award

Projects of Distinction


The Adria


Stevens Construction Corp.


Madison, WI


Apex Property Management


Knothe & Bruce Architects & Kahler Slater

About the Project

The Adria is a stunning new addition to Madison’s downtown skyline. It is located near the buzz of the Wisconsin State Capitol square and the revered Monona Terrace community space. The luxury multi-unit residential building was designed to provide 85% of the units with an open and striking view of Lake Monona. The project includes a rectangular base for the three levels of underground parking and first floor. At the second floor, the structure shifts to an angle to maximize lake views. Because the columns from the ground only stack to the second floor, the shift to an angled building at the second floor required a significant amount of concrete to support the structure. A total of 15,000-cubic-yards of concrete were used in the project. The significance of the concrete structure is honored throughout the units’ interior design. Observers can see round columns through the windows of the corner units ascending from the second floor to the tenth. And four-foot-wide square columns are exposed within the units, with one side exposed in a bedroom and the other side exposed in the living room. The angled structure showcases 32,000-square-feet of windows in the units.

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