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Truk’t | Blue Collar Coffee


Corporate Contractors Inc.


Beloit, WI


Geronimo Hospitality Group


Geronimo Hospitality Group

About the Project

CCI transformed a dilapidated bar into two, new worldly restaurants: Truk’t and Blue Collar Coffee. The 1900’s building was in rough shape. The team uncovered many historical features in the transformation, such as brick walls, wood beams and limestone foundations. Replacing any rotted timbers in the low-ceiling basement proved challenging, as did the high water table in the nearby Rock River, which prompted CCI to install sump basins and pumps. After discovering the roof structure was not strong enough to support an HVAC unit, it was reinforced with steel beams to handle the weight. The tight worksite required scheduling expertise. Equipment and deliveries had to be timed to avoid traffic problems.

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