7 reasons why contractors should add GPS to their vehicles

Photo of Michael Kaul
Michael Kaul

Associated Builders and Contractors of Wisconsin (ABC) member Michael Kaul of Pinnacle GPS connected with fellow members through an online product showcase called GPS Equipment Tracking Solutions.

The webinar was designed to share common myths about GPS tracking and asset protection, the benefits of using GPS fleet solutions and what to look for with this type of product.

Kaul shared a number of key takeaways for contractors, including:

  1. Adding GPS to your company’s fleet is less than 2% of the cost of managing the fleet.
  2. GPS includes a very user friendly, customizable software that comes with training and a lifetime service guarantee. Can be fully integrated with most existing software used by contractors.
  3. Allows you to quickly determine the location of vehicles or tools for tracking inventory or quick recovery.
  4. Not only discourages theft, but also employees using company equipment for “moonlighting” or personal profit.
  5. Allows you to track driving performance of employees for lower gas mileage and better manage maintenance for vehicles.
  6. GPS can make your company more efficient, productive and safer. This all leads to more profitability.
  7. GPS is effective for any budget with 30-40% savings compared to national carriers. Don’t get stuck in a revolving contract.

GPS services essentially allow contractors to protect all assets, whether its vehicles or equipment, with a variety of options from which to choose. Contract buyout options are even available.

Michael Kaul is VP of Sales/Owner of Pinnacle GPS and can be reached at 920-858-1540 or mkaul@pinnaclegps.com. Pinnacle GPS’s customer support is unmatched in the industry. The person who answers the phone can help 99% of the time.

You can view his video presentation here.

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