Innovative scaffolding system worth considering for your safety arsenal

By Cullen Schmeling, Stevens Construction Corp.

Working at heights is one of many hazards that our team members face daily. With fall protection being required at 6 feet, we are always looking to find innovative ways to keep employees safe.

Photo of a MiTower Scaffold used by Stevens Construction Corp.
A MiTower Scaffold used by Stevens Construction Corp.

This search for innovation led us to purchase two MiTower scaffold units for a project in Madison. This project had an odd condition where roof trusses needed to be set over 14 feet off the floor. These trusses were also grander than typical roof trusses. Access would be limited as trusses were near an exterior wall that would be over 70 feet above the ground. There was also a substantial amount of wall bracing that played into the complication of this construction as well.

Conventional fall protection was not feasible in this location due to the design of the building. Additionally, our project team was not too keen on the idea of having our people setting trusses from 12-foot stepladders or other engineered planking systems installed on the exterior of the building.

The MiTower scaffold system was researched as an option and after an onsite demonstration by Lincoln Contractors Supply, our team was able to see the value in safety this product offered. It was determined that this equipment would be perfect for our operation.

As a contractor that builds large multi-unit residential and commercial projects, the MiTower is a great addition to our safety equipment arsenal. It is light weight, quick to install and dismantle and can be used in a variety of our operations.

It is important to remember that as our industry evolves, contractors should continue to research and invest in new safety equipment. The old saying, “…we’ve always done it this way…” should not stifle the safety of our trades people.

The next innovation is just around the corner, will you be ready?


Cullen Schmeling is a member of the ABC of Wisconsin Safety Committee.

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