March 2 Is OSHA Form 300A Electronic Deadline

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March 2nd is the deadline for electronically reporting injury and illness data from the OSHA Form 300A for calendar year 2018.

Who is required to submit data? Establishments with 250 or more employees that are currently required to keep OSHA injury and illness records, and establishments with 20-249 employees that are classified as certain industries with historically high rates of occupations injuries and illnesses. Click on the link to verify your classification, but all NAICS codes starting with 23 for construction apply for submittal.

What data is to be submitted? Covered establishments must electronically submit information from their OSHA Form 300A.

How do I submit the required Data? OSHA provides a secure website that offers three options for data submission. First, users can manually enter data into a web form. Second, users can upload a CSV file to process multiple establishments at the same time. Last, users of automated record-keeping systems will have the ability to transmit data electronically via an API (application programming interface).

The OSHA website does provide a lot of assistance information for submitting your data. There is a blue drop down section called “Job Aids (How-To documentation)” on the right side of the website that gives a number of different directions to help setup an account and submit data. There are also a number of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) to help as well.

Again, this is a requirement of OSHA to submit your 2018 injury and illness data if you have over 250 employees or have 20-249 employees and fall under the “certain industry” NAICS code classifications.

If there are any questions, please contact Jared Weber of the ABC of Wisconsin safety team.

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