What You Need to Know: UI Work Search Requirements for Seasonally Laid Off Employees

Traditionally, employees collecting Unemployment Insurance benefits who were expected to be recalled to work (seasonal employees) were exempt from certain requirements to conduct job searches (work search waivers). Prior to 2004, Wisconsin had work search waivers limited to 12 weeks. The 12 week limit was revised in 2004 and waivers could last a full benefit year (52 weeks).

However, effective June 14, 2015, new rules require employees who are expected to be recalled within a period of 8 weeks to obtain a waiver from the department in order to be exempt from the job search requirements. This waiver period may be extended for a period of 4 additional weeks with verification from the employer but may not exceed a total of 12 weeks.

This change can be confusing for employees and employers alike. That is why ABC of Wisconsin has put together an easy-to-understand informational pamphlet. The below linked document contains answers to many of the questions you may have about the changes to the law.

If you still have a questions, please contact the staff at ABC of Wisconsin at 608-244-5883 or 800-236-2224.

Click the image below to open the PDF with Frequently Asked Questions about the Unemployment Insurance changes.

ABC seasonal employees document


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