Wisconsin Construction Wellness Community Established

From Wisconsin Construction Wellness Community (WCWC)

A new industry-focused organization has been established to support mental health for Wisconsin construction companies and their associates. 

The Wisconsin Construction Wellness Community (WCWC) is a non-profit organization with 501(c)(3) status designed to provide mental health education to individuals specifically in the construction industry. In recent years, mental health has become a much more important topic as over 15 suicides a day are reported for employees in this field, which is five times higher than any other industry. To make matters worse, 80 percent of workers with a mental health condition attribute their non-treatment to shame and stigma, areas that we believe we can impact with education and community outreach. Discussing these statistics and the impact of mental health on the construction industry is ultimately what led to the creation of WCWC. 

This group is focused on breaking the stigmas of mental health within the industry by providing in-person seminars and training, as well as support materials for the worksite. In order to fulfill its purposes, WCWC has created the following objectives to guide our processes and increase our visibility: 

  • To promote mental health in cooperation with local, regional, state, and national organizations that have similar objectives. 
  • To focus on providing mental health education to our members as a key component to reducing stigma and increasing participation. 
  • To grow membership in an effort to bring mental health, training, and education of employee practices to the local business community. 

We will begin communications with a kick-off meeting in October 2022, with a number of public events to follow. For additional information, please find us on LinkedIn or visit our website, www.wisconwel.com, to access videos, resources, and articles about mental health. You can also donate here to support continued education focused on serving those affected by mental health issues in the construction industry. 

About Wisconsin Construction Wellness Community (WCWC) 

The WCWC is a resource that helps individuals working in the construction industry find the right resources that allow them to talk about mental health issues. Learn more about us at www.wisconwel.com

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