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Consulting/Site Visits

ABC members have everyday access to help with safety issues by talking with the chapter safety director. ABC can assist you with various safety issues, including OSHA inspections and citations, jobsite inspections, on-site consultation, and customized written safety programs at low member rates.  Call the chapter office at 800-236-2224 or 608-244-5883 to discuss the issue and receive additional information.

Job site inspections save time and money.

When OSHA shows up on your doorstep, are you worried, or are you prepared? If you have been taking advantage of the ABC safety department job site inspection service, you are going in with the best preparation you can have.  By doing so, you could save time and money in the end. OSHA fines can cost you thousands of dollars, and certain citations can even shut down your job site.

During your Job Site Inspection some of the major exposures ABC looks at are:
  • Electrical
  • Ladders
  • Fall Protection
  • Scaffolding
  • Excavation
  • Personal Protective Equipment (PE)
  • Mechanized Equipment
  • Hearing Protection
  • Flammable Material Storage
  • Confined Space
  • Tool Condition/Use
  • Housekeeping

Not only are the violations noticed, but the good things as well. If, for example, the housekeeping is very good, that will appear on the report.  A written report will be given to the site Superintendent/Foreman at the end of ABC’s visit. The same report will be e-mailed or sent by fax to the member’s office usually within 24 -48 hours.

How Job Site Inspections Help You

There have been 35 OSHA violations observed and abated so far this year as a result of ABC’s job site inspections. The possible combined penalties could have exceeded at least $100,000 if these violations were noticed by the OSHA Compliance Officers. It is better to have ABC come out to your job site or shop to assist your safety efforts, so you know what is going on at your site, than to have OSHA visit and issue a citation and penalty.

For more information or to schedule a job site inspection call ABC at 800-236-2224 or 608-244-5883. Sign up now and make sure you are prepared for inspection season.

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