Rising Leader – Are Your Next Generation Leaders Ready?

ABC’s ground-breaking Rising Leader program (formerly known as Emerging Leader) is back and better than ever! This program received a “refresh” with all new content and new instructors. The nine days combined offers more than 200 years in real-life instructor experience in construction, business management, and leadership. The in-depth course is designed to help prepare and accelerate future construction leaders in the next step of their career.

Invest in Training Today to Secure Your Business Future Tomorrow

ABC knows that investing in your company’s future leaders is critical to creating stability and resilience in your organization. The Rising Leader program will elevate the capability of your leaders and promote consistency in leadership quality for a forward-thinking company future.

Construction management is one of the fastest-growing fields in business, and to compete in today’s markets, many contractors are needed to manage different construction projects. Even though many construction managers hold degrees in construction management, they may need continuing education to update their training and acquire new skills and technologies that improve their performance. Continuing education is very important for construction managers because it gives them an opportunity to be more knowledgeable in their fields or allows them to acquire new managerial techniques likely to boost their business.

Course featured topics such as:

  • Transitioning from Employee to Leader
  • Recognizing your Talents and Strengths
  • Personnel Management to Move Employees Up or Out
  • Leading Your Crew thru Servant Leadership
  • Understanding Financial Productivity & Financial Management
  • Risk Management: Property, Policies & People
  • Personal Productivity Planning & Execution
  • Registration also includes registration for a two-day HR & Accounting Conference!

If you are a construction leader with eight to ten years of experience and looking to accelerate your career to the next level, this course is for you. Visit Rising Leader to learn more about this program and to register today.

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