Wisconsin “Safer At Home” exemption update

Earlier today, Wisconsin Gov. Evers’ provided details on the “Safer At Home” executive order, which continues to exempt construction operations as “essential services.” Construction is broadly included through the executive order exemptions. Here are some answers to common questions about this order:

  • A construction service does not need to be in service of an “essential service” in order to be exempted.
  • Also, essential workers do not need documentation to prove they are essential, according to state agency staff. Police are not going to be stopping individuals and asking for proof.
  • WEDC (Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation), which is the government agency charged with determining whether businesses are “essential,” has indicated that if your type of business is listed (i.e. construction) there is no need to get a designation to become exempt; you are already included under exempt. You only need to contact WEDC if your business is essential and not listed in the order. If your business is listed as essential, there is no further action required.
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