Project Supervision


The Project Supervision program consists of 15 sections over 11 months. Classes start Oct. 24, 2018.

Class Times: 7 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.

Registration Deadline: Sept. 24, 2018            
Fees: $3,000 for the first registrant from an ABC-member company and $2,800 for each additional registrant.



Program Overview

In the Project Supervision program, participants learn how to plan, organize, communicate and monitor daily activities with greater ease, while leveraging both the hard skills and people skills necessary to overcome obstacles with confidence. Completers will receive an OSHA 30-Hour card and admission to the 2019 SuperCon. The program consists of 15 sections (114 hours over 11 months) and is geared for construction site personnel with supervisory responsibilities and project management. 


Topic Outline

Day 1 - Project Supervision Principles

This section will provide an overview of the program and core competencies of a project superintendent. It will also cover roles and responsibilities of a construction supervisor. Participants will understand the transitional skills required when moving from managing to leading people.

Day 2 - Interpersonal Skills

This section will provide participants with the supervisory leadership skills to maximize team effectiveness by understanding various personality styles and the impact of developing emotional intelligence.

Day 3 - Supervisory Communication & Negotiating for Success

This section covers the principles of effective communication that supervisors need to be successful in their role. Communication is key to working with others to achieve results. Supervisors will learn to listen, the art of influence and how to conduct results-oriented meetings.

Days 4-7 - 30-Hour OSHA Certification

OSHA 30 is a certification. This section demonstrates the need for an effective jobsite and loss prevention program. It will also discuss the supervisor’s duties and responsibilities related to safety and loss prevention, including identifying potential areas for loss and how to evaluate the risks. Supervisors will also learn how to deal with the media.

Days 8-9 - Aligning Ethics, Integrity & Human Relations>

(Location is the Glacier Canyon Lodge in Wisconsin Dells)
This section will provide scenario-based training on ethics, integrity and honesty as it relates to the project superintendent position.

SuperCon (Glacier Canyon Lodge)
Participants choose from a wide variety of topics that advance their knowledge base.

Day 10 - Construction Law, Issues & Resolutions

This section will provide information about construction law, contract documents and legal issues project supervisors often encounter on the job site. It will provide possible solutions to common legal issues encountered by project supervisors.

Day 11 - Profit Improvement, Estimating, Resource Control & Cost Awareness

This section will cover the life cycle of a project and how it relates to the project superintendent’s role in identifying and controlling costs.

Day 12 - Scheduling

From the estimate to the schedule, this section will cover the purpose of using a construction schedule, common scheduling terms and inputs and different types of scheduling systems, including critical path method. In addition, participants will learn about the effects of changes to the schedule and how to deal with them.

Day 13 - Maximizing Productivity

This section will cover overall intentional systematic planning. Topics include preplanning, short-term interval planning, gaining upper management support, creating organizational components, empowering your team, and anticipating skills required to ensure successful project delivery.

Day 14 - Risk Management

This section will cover overall project risk management to protect individual projects as well as the company. Participants will learn to balance minimizing risk and delivering a quality product, while maintaining profitability. 

Day 15 - Tying It All Together/Graduation>

Participants will learn how to deliver a quality product, while maintaining profitability. This session will also recap the program.

Graduation luncheon will follow in Wisconsin Dells. Employers and families are invited.

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