Growing company success through inclusion

By Elizabeth Roddy, ABC of Wisconsin

Being judged on your work, rather than on pre-conceived notions. Being valued based on your individual talents, and not discriminating against you because you don’t associate with a certain group.   

It is the foundation of merit shop contractors and free enterprise.  It is also the foundation of being inclusive and diverse.    

As a group of contractors who believe in free enterprise and merit shop, the conversation around inclusion isn’t a hip new term.  It is something that we have been fighting for years. Diversity comes in many forms, and I believe that ABC members have the unique opportunity to be the leaders in this space because of our ability to adapt and grow.   

ABC members are some of the most amazing people.  I have seen you overcome adversity and not give into the “because that is the way it has always been done” trap.  I have seen ABC members embrace change, not only because it makes business sense, but also because it is the right thing to do.   

October 17-21 is Construction Inclusion Week. During this week, contractors across the nation will be taking time to learn and find opportunities to grow, both within their companies and within their communities.  

ABC of Wisconsin encourages members to participate two different ways:  

  • Visit to participate in themed daily activities within your organization.  Table and Toolbox Talks are available each day to help with your conversations along with a variety of other supplemental resources.   
  • ABC of Wisconsin is hosting an in-person panel discussion and networking social on Thursday, October 20th in Waukesha where we invite panelists from ABC members, the National Association of Women in Construction Milwaukee Chapter, and the National Association of Minority Contractors Wisconsin Chapter to discuss Workplace Culture.  Register for that event at  
  • Share what your company is doing on social media using the hashtag #ConstructionInclusionWeekWI.

Consider one of these opportunities to attract, retain, and develop the best talent for our industry while growing your culture to be inclusive.

Elizabeth Roddy is Workforce Recruitment & Training Director at ABC of Wisconsin. She can be reached at or 608-244-5883.

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