OSHA Issues FAQs on N95 Respirator Effectiveness Against Coronavirus


On Oct. 19, the U.S. Department of Labor’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration published a set of Frequently Asked Questions on the effectiveness of N95 respirators against coronavirus exposure as part of the agency’s COVID-19 FAQs page.

According to an OSHA news release, the agency is aware of incorrect claims stating that N95 respirators do not capture particles as small as the virus that causes the coronavirus, and OSHA’s new FAQ explains why an N95 respirator is effective at protecting users from the virus.

In addition to these new FAQs, OSHA recently issued frequently asked questions and answers regarding the need to report employees’ in-patient hospitalizations and fatalities resulting from work-related cases of the coronavirus.

Additional coronavirus resources can be found on the OSHA website.

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