Words of Wisdom from Women in Construction

ABC of Wisconsin is proud to offer the second series of Words of Wisdom from Women in Construction. The last series offered June through July 2023 was a huge success with nearly 70 ABC members participating across 10 ABC chapters. The presenters in the November/December series will be offering advice and insights on topics that directly impact the day-to-day operations of any construction company such as forecasting job costs, conflict resolution, and establishing a cohesive and engaging workplace culture that attracts and retains talent.

The first session on November 2 offers insights on forecasting job costs that keep you in control of maintaining the profitability of a construction job and the company’s profits.

Conflicts on the construction site are a common occurrence. On November 16, participants will learn the steps to resolve conflict by addressing the issues early, how to manage your emotions, and use your active listening skills to strengthen relationships that lead to successful projects.

The final session on December 7 will share how one successful organization builds a culture that promotes a sense of belonging and community. Learn how to create this culture by encouraging feedback, establishing check-ins, and providing opportunities that support and foster a team environment.

This web series is designed for anyone in construction interested in expanding their knowledge base from people who have unique experiences in the industry. Expert leaders share knowledge across a variety of topics based on years of work in construction. This is an education series not just for women but for all those who want to make change within the industry environment to support the current workers, and recruit and retain the next generation.

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