Project Coordinator: A 6-Day Education Series

Who Should Attend:

  • Project Coordinators
  • Assistant Project Coordinators
  • Administrative Assistants
  • Office Managers

The Project Coordinator is an integral member of the construction team. This person must be organized, detail-oriented, and able to handle project documents, contracts, progress reports, and closeout documents. This program offers project coordinators and office support staff the ability to enhance their skillsets and operational understanding in project life cycles, plans and specifications, organization and team collaboration.

What You Will Learn:

  • Understanding of the construction industry and the Project Coordinator role
  • Explore and work with construction documents to gain an understanding of the requirements for an entire project
  • Discuss communication models and negotiation techniques necessary for project success
  • How to read and interpret plans and specification documents
  • Discuss the concept of breachless contract and introduce contract basics and terminology
  • Learn how to efficiently plan and maintain your projects

Course Session Time: 8:00a.m. – 3:30p.m.
Where: Professional Development Center, ABC of Wisconsin, 5330 Wall St., Madison, WI
Registration Fees: $1,500 for the first person, $1,200 for each additional person from the same company OR $325 for individual classes.
Registration deadline is 5 days prior to each course offering.

Course Overview

Day 1: Intro to Project Coordinator – April 3

Instructor: Jenna Milis, Milis Flatwork
Through engaging peer discussions, attendees will discuss the roles and responsibilities of Project Coordinators through the life cycles of Project Delivery as well as the characteristics that help to make a Project Coordinator successful. This session will also provide insights on how to identify and prioritize important tasks to maximize your ROI on time investment and minimize non-productive activities.

Day 2: Working with Construction Documents – April 10

Instructor: Gretchen Bockenhauer
Through work and review of documents used within a construction project, participants will gain an understanding of the impact and importance of documents from the building permit to the design build.

Day 3: Plan & Spec Reading – APRIL 17

Instructor(s): Gary Roerhig
Reading construction documents and plans are a fundamental skill necessary for anyone working within the construction industry.  Attendees will work with a set of construction plans and specifications to learn common terminology and symbols used within construction documents.

Day 4: Contract Law & Negotiation – APRIL 24

Instructor(s): Josh Levy & Rachel Potter
In this session, attendees will learn definitions and terminology used in construction contracts as well as discuss the concept of breachless contract. Attendees will learn communication models that positively impact negotiation practices both in and out of the office.

Day 5: Team Communication & Meeting Management – APRIL 30

Instructor: Brandi Davis
Attendees will identify their communication style preferences, learn how to be more effective with the people they interact with daily, and learn how they may be perceived by other styles as well as explore best practice steps of effective conflict resolution.  This session will also provide tips and techniques that will keep meetings running smoothly.

Day 6: Creative Problem Solving – MAY 1
(This session is a half-day class followed by a celebration lunch and not available to purchase as a stand-alone session)

Instructor: Brandi Davis
Now more than ever, organizations are needing to find innovative, creative solutions to remain competitive. In this energetic and interactive session attendees will learn strategies for enhancing creative problem-solving to go beyond our current patterns of thinking.